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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

...:::}}} essential sounds of light {{{:::...

The women of my tribe are a Wild garden, 
My women move me, 
with their honesty, humility, courage, grace, loyalty.
They are brave and loving, forgiving, patient, and WISE.
They have    ...::: no age :::...     and     ~ clear eyes ~

My women dance barefoot, wear boots and action shoes -
they eat when hungry,
sway their hips with the moon,
and bow... to what's True.

My women share and trust, empower and adore.

My women love fiercely and softly, sweetly and sincerely.
My sisters are honey, and pepper - 
scented of Earth and All Weathers.
My sisters aren't afraid to shake their tail feathers!
or fly ~ ~ ~
when it's time 
to Rise.

These women - have nothing to hide!

These women, We Are vast open skies :
we make Love with the Sun, 
our wombs are the Ocean.
come climb the mountains of our minds
and we shall All see
the *light* beyond time ~ ~ ~