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Saturday, December 23, 2017

~>> Courage + Grace <<~

My Mother, 69 years young, on top of Volcan Villarrica, a volcano in Chile over 9,000 feet high, covered in ice. She climbed it in less than a half day, and back down, carrying an ice axe, wearing crampons. She is the strongest, bravest, most playful, and wisest woman I have ever known. My mother has always been my greatest teacher and guide:: my mentor in life. She has always been extremely close to Nature, teaching ways of Awareness :: sensing the ways of the plants; recognizing the songs of the birds + tracks and scat of four-leggeds; understanding seeds and cycles and the Divine Way of Allowing and Stillness. She is a medicine woman : a wise taoist wizard and acupuncturist, raised by a falconer father who was a medicine man and doctor in war,, and a mother of acuity, honesty, loyalty, and determination. My mother listens deeply into the Way of things, she is like an easy river flowing with Grace and Power, clear and direct, and always forward - not looking back or holding onto a shore of illusion. A woman of discipline; focus; courage; intelligence; intuition; incredible and infinite creativity; lightness of being ~ joy!; detached ease; honesty + transparency; integrity; depth of wisdom; kindness and compassion; vitality and beauty; and so much more......my Mother, is my hero. Aho! Ae Ma Ho!!!