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Friday, November 11, 2016

~+< humble beginnings >+~

Gently, softly, our Hearts exhale into humble surrender of what we have collectively created with our world. 
There is no "us" and "them". 
There is only US. 
We can only look within ourselves to create harmony and peace, ease and love..., how does our world reflect the imbalance within ourselves? 
Those who have not found peace, those who are lost in violence or greed, are blindly aching for compassion and guidance from those who know the Way. 
...some are lost in the darkness. 
Being angry with them for their ignorance or lack of love will not lead them to the light. 
Only compassion and love will lead them to love and the willingness to create a brighter world, a kinder heart. 

We cannot give up our power and grace to anger or fear! 
After a few tears are shed, it is time to keep walking....
Our only option is to anchor in TRUST. 
~ to Trust ourselves, each other, and the Journey, and to continue to follow the road true to our hearts, humble as it may be when it doesn't look like what we want it to. 
Trying to control the situation is using the same element (control) that brought the situation to begin with. 
Trusting that somewhere in the chaos, somewhere in the center of the storm, there is a gift for our evolution as One, is a good way to begin, again and again. 
Either we trust the Way of Life/Spirit/Mystery/Source, or we don't. 
We cannot trust only part of it. 
We cannot trust only the parts that make us feel good ~ ((doing that is the same poison that caused greed and the political situation that has been created)).
Compassion for and trust in the shadow, the darkness, the unknown : that is the Way.

Only from abandoning both hope and fear; releasing attachment to outcome; and holding the full spectrum of entropy, the complete seasons, the full cycle of the moon - waxing AND waning - the beauty And the sorrow, is the Way to Peace. 
And,,, the first place to nourish this understanding, is within ourselves.

Please, may we take a moment to breathe love into ourselves today and remember who we are. Remember, we are All finding our way. 

Sometimes the greatest illness brings the greatest awakening. 
+++ May we all rest gently in the trust that we are held in the greater story of Creation :: it is always just beginning.