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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

~ begin within ~

::: this is the time for ceremony, for gratitude, for honoring and creating this sacred life :::

~ energy informs matter...intent informs energy :: what do you want to create? clean water for the planet? begin with yourself. water yourself within :: breathe yourself into wholeness and all else will follow ~ ~ ~ forgiveness and gratitude grow healing within and beyond time :: love yourself, celebrate life, be the light }} listen to the *yes* inside you and follow that. a daily practice. now, oh so very much now, is the time to choose consciously :: every action, every thought ~ ~ ~ know your energy, be certain, walk awake and in love ::: we are all rowing the same boat :: connected in this co-creation == choose wisely your ripples ~ ~ ~ let go of the weight that holds you back from your destiny, kiss it goodbye and feel yourself sink into present time. this is all there is :: what is useful to your health, what is not useful. exhale...pause...inhale....pause. one breath. one moment. now.