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Sunday, July 7, 2013

~ allowing ~

and with somewhat of a tucked tail,
i loosened my grip
on what i thought i knew.

...i laid down my arrows of intention,
and aims of accomplishment.
...i let my hair fall ~ down, down...down....to touch the Earth,
i let the Wind blow until my thoughts were strewn out of my reach.
...i let the heat, the Desert Summer Heat,
melt my need......
....to control.

i sat and sat and sat,
and sweat away all holding hopes,
any last lingering layers of judgements ::
of self~other, trust~doubt, light~dark, love~sorrow....same....same...same....

i had to strip down, down, down...to the bones of ego,
release The Ancient Anger (mine and not mine).

i finally had to let go
of saying-doing-thinking
"the right thing."

 ...and at last, sink and surrender....

down, down, down.......
into the depths of emptiness
where only Nothing and No-doing was left.

and then, and only then
could i See anything.

~ poem by elise kost-copyright2013

~ photograph by Elena Ray-copyright2010