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Monday, March 26, 2012

~ This Life ~

" To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else."
~ Emily Dickinson...while "startling" might not be my choice of word for the BeautyFull experience of Life, Emily gets the point across..., which for me means :: Live Now! ...which also means :: less time on the computer!!! ~ ~ ~ and so..., here we are already in Spring of 2012 ~ ! ~ ...May we enjoy a most harmonious and sweet season, year, Life!! ~
May we All Be what we Love ~ Live what we Love.....move with Gratitude through each day, let go of what needs letting go, welcome what needs welcoming..., with respect for, listening to, and honoring of the Natural World.
It is not new that the changes in the world which we want, begin with US. Every thought we form, every word we speak, every action we make === create the world ::: so, please choose wisely ~ do not dwell on what you do not want..., do the best you can. Choose what you Love. Live with Joy in your Heart. Find your place of Service in the world and offer that with the Gift of your full Presence.

Thank you for your Sincerity, your Grace, your Light ~
may we all Live in Love ~!!!

~ find Stillness within ~
~ Trust in the cycles of Life ~
~ we are All learning ~

((haiku :: by elise))