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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~ < ::: this sacred life ::: > ~

...during these times of Great Change, there is much in the world which is easy to fear. Fear does not serve us. Awareness does. Every precious moment is a powerful opportunity to Breathe, Trust, Allow, and Offer our Strong Love.... It is a good time to focus attention, and intention, toward what we love, how we choose to spend our days and nights..., our Gift of Life. It is time to forgive - ourselves and each other. It is time to appreciate all the struggles which have taught us, all those who have guided us, and all the wisdom to come. With this Spring, may we All feel warmly welcomed into the gardens of each moment ~ may we choose sincerely from the Heart and gratefully envision how we desire to bloom in our lives ~

>>> Thank You Thank You Thank You for Consciously Creating your Evolution ~
with ever so much Gratitude for your Peaceful Visioning ~ ::: the World Needs Us, .Now.